Library Services & Rules

ISSI Library Circulation Policy


This policy document regulates the circulation processes and procedures with the approval of the competent authority at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad.

Objectives of the policies documented here are:

  1. To provide the access to services and resources in an efficient manner to the ISSI Library users
  1. To ensure fair and equitable sharing of the library’s limited resources among the members
  1. To reduce the duplication of material through improved tracking

ISSI library is having only one page circulation policy in place which is not providing the required guidelines neither to the library staff nor to the users to handle the day to day circulation matters. Policy in hand will provide the approved guidelines to the staff and users.

This policy would be shared with all the stakeholders for their information and record.


Following users categories are considered in the library circulation policy.

2.1 Registered Members

All existing researchers and staff are considered registered members of the library. Newly appointed staff members are to produce the office orders issued from the Administration Department for their appointment to get the library membership. Registered members can borrow the material according to the loan schedule listed in Appendix A.


Full time equivalent (FTEs) researchers of ISSI involved in the research.

Part timers/Visiting Researchers/faculty


Full time equivalent (FTEs) staff at the ISSI

External Members

External members may use the library resources by showing the ID card of the institution they are coming or else the CNIC.


Students, teaching staff, researchers from other education and research institutions and all other users seeking for information.

Librarian may seek the approval of competent authority to grant the membership to the partner institutions involved in the inter-library loan, document delivery or else the libraries who have granted membership to ISSI. This would be considered on a reciprocal basis only.

2.2 Member Privileges

All members can use the library resources which includes the use of books, reference books, AV material, and digital content. Access to the digital library of Pakistan and other e-resources would be granted according to the copyright agreements ISSI has signed with the HEC or with the vendors/aggregators/publishers/databases/. Systematic downloading (printing of all articles of an issue of a journal or printing of entire e-book) is considered violation of the copyright act in most of the cases.

Registered Members can borrow books and other resources according to the loan schedule.

Library facilities and premises are available for use by all registered and external members.


ISSI’s library will loan out its resources to Registered Members of good standing based on the Loan Schedule given in Appendix A. In addition, the following conditions and clauses will apply to the loaning of Library Resources.

3.1 Long-Term Loans

Request for the long term loans will not be entertained.

3.2 Reissues

Borrowed material can be reissued only once by the user who originally borrowed it.

Loan period of the reissue material is similar to the first loan period, however reserved material cannot be issued/re-issued.

3.3 Reserves

Researchers wishing to place resources on reserve for their courses of research or for use by partner researchers may make such arrangements with the Librarian to keep the material in the library for a certain period. Such items will not be issued to members and, where already issued, may be recalled as per Clause 4.4 below. However this would stay available for us in the library premises

3.4 Recalls

The Librarian may, at his or her own discretion, recall any library resource that has been borrowed by a member by giving at least one working day notice.

3.5 Placing Hold

The users can place a hold for the material which is already issued to another user. The material on hold could only be re-issued to first borrower if it is not collected by the user who placed the hold in two working days’ time or else his/her need is served.


The ISSI’s library follows the copyrights/intellectual property rights and expect member to follow the copyrights as well. Members are allowed to make restricted copies from print material for personal study and research use. This restriction amounts to:

A maximum of one chapter of a book OR 10% of the total book contents, whichever is less;

A maximum of one article from a single issue of a periodical or journal-

Users can not duplicate the AV material or the digital content without the permission of copyright owner.

In order to encourage the fair and efficient use of library resources fines will be charged for overdue materials, lost and damaged materials from members as per the Library fines Schedule.


In order to encourage the fair and efficient use of the library resources fines will be charged for overdue materials, lost and damaged materials from all members as per the library fines schedule.


An individual’s/institutional membership to the Library will automatically cease to exist in either of the following cases:

  • Conclusion or expiration of work contract in the case of staff or termination of Inter-library loan contract.
  • Members must return all resources and surrender their Library Cards before the Library may give clearance.


The Librarian is directly responsible for ensuring efficient, equitable, and cost-effective growth of Library Resources. As such, the following policy guidelines must be enforced for the purchase and/or acquisition of resources.

*    The Librarian will be responsible for acquisition of resources from the Library

Budget. Members wishing to recommend a resource for the collection must refer the recommendation on the “Recommendation Form” provided by the Library.

* Individuals wishing to add the material to the Library Collection must consult with the Librarian in order to avoid unnecessary duplication.


The Library may, from time to time, introduce services other than those described in this document in order to meet the clearly expanding needs of users after the approval of the competent authority. Policies related to such services as are introduced will be incorporated in this document after due process as defined in Policy Amendments below.


This Policy Document will be subject to Amendments and Additions only after:

* Approval of Draft of changes by competent authority.


All the ISSI staff can claim the membership of the library by showing their appointment letter or else the office order.

Membership privilege period would be decided according to the contract period defined in the office order.

On the termination of the contract every member is to get the clearance from the library before the final settlement from the Admin.



# of books # of Days Renewals Overdue Charges
Senior Staff

Chairman, DG, Directors and SRF






02 of 15 days each


PKR 10/day/book

RF 03 15 02 of 15 days each PKR 10/day/book
Visiting Researchers 02 15 None PKR 10/day/book


Users are to pay the current price of the book plus 10% as an admin, mailing and processing charges or else the user will provide the replacement for the lost books. Damaged books would be considered as lost one and would be treated the same way.

Cost of the lost/damaged books and overdue charges would be deposited to the Finance Office and a receipt would be issued against the deposited charges.